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Character Descriptions for Boeing Boeing

Bernard (30s - 50s): An American bachelor who resides in Paris, working as an architect. Bernard has the air of a "ladies man" who believes he has the female sex all figured out. He is charming and attractive, but a seductive scoundrel. He is engaged to all three stewardesses and uses flight timetables to keep "one up, one down, and one pending," ensuring the women are never in his apartment at the same time. He is proud of his deception, until it starts to unravel (along with his confidence).

Robert (30s - 50s): An old friend of Bernard's who travels to Paris from Wisconsin. A shy, sweet, small-town boy, Robert initially disapproves of Bernard's situation-though he can admit it has its advantages. He admires Bernard's ability to keep things balanced. Soon, however, Robert is caught up in the game himself, trying to keep Bernard's plan intact and stop his own anxiety from spinning out of control.

Berthe (20s – 60’s): Bernard's Frenc housekeeper. Berthe is a meticulous maid, which makes her integral to Bernard's charade. She isn't shy about voicing her growing dissatisfaction with Bernard's revolving-door lifestyle. Wonderfully sarcastic and blunt.

Gloria (20s – 50’s): Bernard's American fiancée with a strong appetite for love, success, and unique food. She is a stewardess for TWA. Playfully cunning, confident, strong-willed, and not afraid to speak her mind. Politically progressive for the 60s, and is often offended when people do not share her opinion.

Gabriella (20s - 50s): Bernard's Italian fiancée. She is a stewardess for Alitalia. Feisty and seductive, she is incredibly smart and much more independent than she initially appears.

Gretchen (20s - 50s): Bernard's German fiancée. She is a stewardess for Lusthansa. Dominating but loving, she is full of intense passion that can switch between soft and sweet to loud and destructive in a moment. She is both intimidating and yet loveable.

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