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LADIES OF LIBERTY - at the Carriage House!


Comedy / PG

By Bo List

Directed by Lindsey Carlstedt Sovkoplas

September 14-17, 22-24, 28*-30, & October 1, 2023

8pm Thursday-Saturday / 2:30pm Sunday

Tickets: / 859.257.4929

$22 General Admission / $15 Students (before processing fees)


Celeste duBray - Elizabeth Massie

Lotta Bender - Katherine Harville

Betty Wilson - Baelyn Lindfors

Shirley Hamilton - Mayra Breland

Margaret Kim - Hannah Holbrook

Josie Krick - Madison Plucknett

Woody Lyman - Layton Garlington

Bud Taggart - Brett Ervin

Carl Hiller - Patrick Lee Lucas

When radio station WHIZ-NY loses the actors of its highest rated adventure drama, The Mighty Men, to the draft in World War II, a new superhero team is created to take their place:  The Ladies of Liberty. But these new heroes aren't content to battle petty criminals and cook and clean; they want to help defeat Hitler. When the war concludes and their show is threatened by cancellation, they decide they want to be REAL heroes, and perform one last episode - on their own terms.

*Sept. 28 is a Pay-What-You-Will Performance. Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The box office at the Carriage House opens at 7:00pm. Proceeds from this performance will benefit the actors and crew of LADIES OF LIBERTY.

Director: Lindsey Carlstedt Sovkoplas

Assistant Director: Susan Strange

Stage Manager: Macy Brockman

Dialect Coach: Patti Heying

Producers: Evelyn Lear, Rob Maddox


Lights: Ash Hall

Sound: Natalie Jewel

Costumes/Wardrobe: Dawn Brockman

Properties: Ellen Hellard

Set Design: Adam Sovkoplas and David Bratcher

Set Dressing: Kat Collins

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