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10-Minute Play Festival - at the Carriage House!

The Play Festival is in-person this year, and with a twist! The 7 scripts for this year were selected from previous Festivals (2010, 2014-2019). Join us for a night of “Play Festival Favorites” at the Carriage House!

There is something for everyone to enjoy at this fast-paced, fun, sometimes dramatic, sometimes zany evening of theatre - make plans to join us for
something a little different, and a lot of fun!

Tix: / 859.257.4929

$17 (before processing fees)

July 21-24, 2022

8pm Thursday-Saturday / 2:30pm Sunday

Produced in association with CFZ Productions and Sponsored by Context Financial


The Plays and Players:

Little Red House

by John Yunker

Directed by Abby Davis

Featuring: Tara Blackburn, Jeshua Logsdon, Teran Sundy

Synopsis: Having been tossed out of their home and into the cold for the night, three unlucky souls argue about the best way to handle their unfortunate situation.


The Ballad of Tom & Jerry

By Liam Kuhn

Directed by Joe Ferrell

Featuring: Joe Gatton, Walter Tunis

Synopsis: The famous cartoon cat and mouse unwind over a few beers after another day at the rat race in this darkly comic look at what happens
when you spend your life chasing something and then you unexpectedly get it.

Meet the Pets

By Tracey Jane

Directed by Jeremy Kisling

Featuring: Jules Clarke, Emily DeBold, Cassidy Mullins, Matt Winters

Synopsis: Nothing goes to plan when a player brings home a people-pleaser eager to meet “them”: Daisy and Mr. Cuddles. The pets observe
a human date in this anthropomorphic comedy.


The Holy Grill

By Gary Shaffer

Directed by Gary McCormick

Featuring: Barbara Clifton, Abby Davis, Roger Davis,
Harold Nikirk, Emannuel Thurman

Synopsis: One young couple is in for a big surprise as their Church, due to a shortage of priests, has taken a novel approach to their pre-marriage counseling program. Saying “I do” will never be the same!


Flight to Paris

By Tony Manzo

Directed by Steve Meadows

Featuring: Tommy Gatton, Suraya Shalash

Synopsis: As if the airport security line isn't already stressful enough, a couple discovers their young son may have left a special surprise in a piece
of their luggage.

Canyon's Edge

by Barbara Lindsay

Directed by Patrick Mitchell

Featuring: Jay Alexander, Erika Tilford, Nieta Wiggington

Synopsis: A man and his wife meet a young woman at the Grand Canyon, and they share a heartfelt moment in this sentimental piece.

No Sugar

by Philip Hall

Directed by Ian Scott

Featuring: Tim X Davis, Alicia Henning

Synopsis: A waitress in a diner serves a strange new customer, and the two of them argue about the best qualities in sweet treats in this playful comedy.

Stage Manager & Board Op: Sam Smith

Asst Stage Manager: Natalie Cummins

Asst Stage Manager: Kathryn Velonis

Crew: Rob Maddox

Lighting: David Bratcher

Sound: Sam Smith

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