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10-Minute Play Festival - at the Carriage House!

The Play Festival returns for another year! The 7 scripts for this year were selected from 300 submissions and include one from a Kentucky playwright and another from as far away as New Zealand.

There is something for everyone to enjoy at this fast-paced, fun, sometimes dramatic, sometimes zany evening of theatre - make plans to join us for
something a little different, and a lot of fun!

Tix: / 859.257.4929

$17 (before processing fees)

July 27-30, 2023

8pm Thursday-Saturday / 2:30pm Sunday

Produced in association with CFZ Productions and Sponsored by Context Financial

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Studio Players 10-Minute Play Festival

July 27-30, 2023


by Fred Tacon

Directed by Joe Ferrell

Cast: Baelyn Lindfors, Brad Ulery

Synopsis: Greg sits on the edge of a cliff overlooking Cumberland Falls. He considers jumping. Marisa arrives but doesn't try to stop him. They each have their reasons to be there, but will either one leave? Inspired by a Kentucky ghost story.


By Keith Whalen

Directed by Steve Meadows

Cast: Meredith Cave, Kat Collins, Tommy Jones

Synopsis: A nervous man pours his heart out to a stranger on a park bench, only to become exasperated with her unusual way of speaking. When a cop comes upon the pair, he attempts to settle the argument but ends up embroiled in their quarrel.


by Susan Jackson

Directed by Patrick Mitchell

Cast: Erin Mentzer, Chip Sebastian

Synopsis: Joplin, Missouri; what’s left of the home of Maggie and Bobby after the tornado; Maggie and Bobby have returned to salvage what they can.



By Lindsey Brown

Directed by Cathy Rawlings

Cast: Hayden Bennett, Baelyn Lindfors, Liz Owens

Synopsis: Demanding parents, the Wilsons, attend their first parent/teacher interviews at their son's new (and exclusive) private school. Armed with an array of firm 'requests' for his dean, they are soon to discover that this school operates from a completely different handbook.



By Mark Harvey Levine

Directed by Evender Hodges Sanders

Cast: Evender Hodges Sanders, Chris Williams

Synopsis: Have you been ignored, insulted, discarded all your life? You may be a Superhero.


by Elan David Garonzik

Directed by Marty Wayman

Cast: Greg Jones, Kathy Jones

Synopsis: On learning she’ll spend eternity with the appearance of an 81 year old woman, Lilly exasperates St Peter by begging and pleading for a younger age and look. When he finally agrees she can be any age she wants, Lilly asks for something surprisingly different.


by Arianna Rose

Directed by Atticus White

Cast: Mason Amadeus, Morgan Caudill, Brooke Jennett, Alison McReynolds

Synopsis: The various forms of music containment (L.P., Cassette, 8-track, CD, and Mp3) vie for the highly coveted “Current” display case at the Smithsonian Museum music exhibit.

Stage Manager & Board Op: Sam Smith

Asst Stage Manager: Natalie Cummins

Running Crew: Kathryn Velonis & Zoe Womack

Lighting: David Bratcher

Sound: Sam Smith

Nancy Ray believed in the importance of community, and supporting that community was her mission. This truth was reflected throughout her personal and professional life. A fearless individual who loved being in the mix, Nancy worked to make the world a better place. She loved her community and wanted to make it not only attractive but accessible to all. She also believed in the importance of Theatre. And she believed in the 10-Minute Play Festival as one way of supporting her community and the people in it.

Nancy became a fan of the Play Fest in 2014 when she attended a production as a guest of Tom and Yancy Ackerman. She immediately recognized the Play Festival as an opportunity for making theatre accessible to folks who may not have had much exposure, and she quickly went from fan to benefactor to enthusiastic participant. She enjoyed being a part of the decision-making process during play selection. She absolutely relished watching the actors, directors, crew, and designers come together for the Night of Readings (as part of the selection process). Always supportive, always encouraging, always looking forward to the next one.

The Play Festival has continued to be a part of this community because of the generosity and passion of Nancy Ray. It’s impossible to put into words how much she has meant to all of us. She was fierce and fearless and the best kind of person you could have on your side. Nancy passed away in 2022, just before Opening Night of last year’s Play Festival. We miss her laughter, her energy, her brilliant and mischievous mind – but she will always be in our hearts, and always be a part of the Play Fest family. She never wanted the spotlight, but we thought you should know a little bit about her.

In Loving Memory: Nancy Ray

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